VSGO DKL-15D Professional Cleaning Kit

By Gulfpixel — 2-Dec-2021 1:42PM



  • About this item:
  • Mini air blower: designed specially for removing the dust particles on the surface of the lens, hot-shoe and zoom ring..
  • Lens cleaning pen: The lens cleaning pen is designed with a double tip, which is flexible to use and can be carried around. Lens cleaning pen tip made of activated carbon powder tip, effectively absorbing fingerprints and grease. The lens cleaning pen has filament brush, which can clean the dust on the lens and the crevices of the zoom ring.
  • Cleaning cloth: designed for cleaning up the body of camera and the lens. Using with lens cleaner can get better cleaning effect in the camera cleaning kit mirrorless.
  • Free-alcohol lens cleaner: Uses the power of ultrapure water to clean without leaving streaks or blemishes. Safe for all electronics, coated lenses and screen.
  • Wet wipes: Inside of camera cleaning kit mirrorless, the wet wipes absorbs and sweeps away invisible particles and smudges, etc. to meet different cleaning needs.
  • For DSLR Cameras with 0.5oz VSGO Photo Lens and LCD Cleaner 2 Color for Option(Black, Blue)
  • Imported from USA.